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Ask A Pilot is a project by Ralph Bradley. Ralph thinks the public perception of the Airline industry is misguided by media coverage and sensationalism. Misconception is rampant and the many changes that occurred in the airline industry over the past few decades are rarely known outside the industry.

Ralph is on a mission to try and educate about that

Ralph is a pilot with extensive airline experience, he has flown Modern Jets for Airlines for years and has thousands of hours as an Airline Pilot.

Ralph also worked as a management pilot and in that line work interfaced with IATA, ICAO, EuroControl, FAA and numerous regulators. Ralph has engaged with the industry on topics in the CNS/ATM knowledge area, including: ADS-B, ADS-C, CPDLC, FANS and SESAR. Ralph managed fuel Efficiency programs and helped Fuel Initiatives

Ralph also taught aviation and specific courses in the industry to Pilots and Dispatchers. Ralph is extensively experienced in PBCS and PBN and is considered a reference in CPDLC and Datalink.

Finally Ralph is a Nom de Plume or a Pen Name as the airline where Ralph works is very meticulous about what should or should not be said.

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